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Thin Lines
I went to sleep with spots dancing across my eyes and the sound of ear splitting sirens wailing around me.  Each breath felt like needles pricking my throat and for a moment, I even hesitated to breathe.  But then through my blurry vision, I spotted her.  
My wife, Angel, was slumped in the passenger seat, blood covering majority of her face and her favorite pink blouse.  Was something broken?  I didn’t know.  I remembered draping my hand over her shoulder and mustering the strength to try and wake her up.  Nothing.  I covered her hand with my bloody one and squeezed.
My eyes rolled over to my window and saw someone tapping on the cracked, but not broken, glass.  The man wore a bright traffic vest but his other features were blurry.  Was it raining? I couldn’t remember.
He knocked some more, begging me to stay with him.  To stay awake, alive, conscious, breathing, anything. He waved over more men as I sat leaning over t
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Your Shoulders Are Breaking
Your shoulders are breaking,
I don’t believe it’s true.
The burdens are killing you more,
Why is it happening to you?
I can feel your heart going heavy,
Your back is cracking up,
You wanna hold back the tears,
Like a lost and lonely pup.
You’re unrelatable but not unbreakable,
I knew that from the start.
I pity you and reach for you,
As my eyes cry for your heart.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 6
When you’re gullible,
Nothing is real.
Everything could be a lie.
Yet we don’t care.
Our tiny, gullible hearts,
Are beaten and broken.
But why we bounce back,
The reason is unknown.
Love is a tentative thing for us,
We know it’s bad but,
It feels so good.
Yet love is our poison.
Snapping a person’s heart in half,
Leading them away from the light.
We are treated like unequals,
The hopeless population.  
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My Human Requirements
I am the crack in the porcelain,
I am the ‘Wrong Side’ sign,
I am the thinker outside the box…
...the extremist
...the perfectionist
...the instrumentalist
I will exceed all limits,
I will vanquish my dark thoughts,
I will become my own ruler… own heart own path own god
I cannot sit and cry,
I cannot let them win my game,
I cannot forget my goals…
...the journey
...the feelings
...the irony
Because even though I am an ant in this world,
I can still prove to be…
Larger than Life
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If Words Could Bring You Back
All the years may pass me by,
Along with all the faces that breeze past,
But your face still dwells in my memory,
I would never forget you as fast.
I’ve always taken you for granted,
You stayed through the thick and thin,
You were there for the bad days,
And the days I thought I could win.
I’ve never seen you shed a tear,
But you’ve seen all mine.
You stood so strong and fierce,
Making me dry my eyes and feel fine.
But when you were condemned to that bed,
I felt as if my heart was crumbling apart.
I cried and couldn’t comprehend anything,
You fought until you finally depart.
I was hollow and lost my spirit,
I was lonely and couldn’t find my way.
I missed you dearly every passing year,
You didn’t deserve to leave that day.
But as the years passed and I grew older,
I finally knew why you left everything in my hands.
You wanted me to exceed my potential,
And with you in my heart- I’ll make you proud and follow my plans.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 1
In My Sunniest Nightmares
I awoke with a smile on my lips
Unsure how to handle it
I dreamt I was dying
Imagined every detail and bit
With dark and ominous clouds
I laid on the ground
There were skeletons bowing
Like I’d just been crowned
My eyes were wide open
As I shook with fear
Blood was on my hands and chest
And not one human near
I couldn’t think a single thought
Couldn’t even breathe without trouble
Then to my dismay I saw a figure
Human flesh in a robe amongst the rubble
With creaking bones and joints
I gazed at this person with pleading eyes
Trying to ask questions to delay my death
I couldn’t find any pity- just lies
It removed its hood and I witnessed it all
I saw his face and his bony hands
It was you all along
The one I loved, how could I misunderstand
I finally saw you again
Not in the friendliest way
But I got the chance to remember you
And how much I frayed
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 0 1
If only we could brush off these feelings we feel
We wouldn’t sob
We wouldn’t scream
We wouldn’t let this beating heart of ours get in the way
Of this life that is continuously passing us by
But we need our heart
To feel and to live
Even though those messy and heart throbbing feelings
Overwhelm us sometimes
Its those very same emotions that make us human
Makes us apart of this crazy and possibly blissful
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 3
Time can heal the real
Time can bend and mend
Time can smash that crash
Time can heave the grieve
Time can hold the old and cold
Time can haunt and taunt
Time can steal yet peal
Time can make and break
Time can not love a dove
Time can not cry or die
Time can not fight or write
Time can not sigh nor try
Time can not charm but harm
Time can not own or loan
Time can not hate or wait
Time can not kill nor chill
Time could be our best friend
Time could be our very downfall.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 1
Our Family (mom's poem)
From the cry of a new child,
Calls upon the Angel from above.
Forms a shield of embracing care,
And wings stitched with love.
Ever growing footsteps patter,
As babies we crawl on.
When we fall you help,
Knowing one day we'll be gone.
We venture away,
But we always return.
Either in tears or giggles,
You still show concern.
The loss of the one we loved,
Shook us all to our core.
We weep still to this day,
The burden we still bore.
Now even though the hard times,
Broke us all apart.
We began at new beginnings,
A broad new start.
You created four champions,
We created pure madness.
Holding hands through timeless days,
Even the inevitable sadness.
The pieces have mended,
And put us back into a whole.
Forged with love and color,
Along with heart and soul.
We don't fear the future,
We attack it straight on.
With an Angel above us,
And our swords drawn.
But sometimes I wish,
That Angel could stay.
Our family would be whole,
A father who wouldn't go away.
But the passed stay deceased,
As we li
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 0
Under the Skin
On the outside,
I'm not flawless.
I have scars with meaning,
And hands that break.
Beyond the clothes and skin,
Lies a soul.
A soul that will stay pure,
That will never bow.
If only you could see,
What the inside looks like.
You'd see bones that stay strong,
And a heart that beats true.
I have the mind of a dreamer,
The mindset of an athlete,
The blood of a hard worker,
And eyes that never stop searching.
If I could show you,
I would've by now.
But you continue to look at me,
With those judging eyes.
Though I have a secret,
I don't aim to please the mirror.
Because I can see the me,
That shines underneath.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 5
Take Another Look
Here's to the ugly,
The broken and lost.
Life as we want it,
Is too much of a cost.
What is ugly?
Solve that for me.
Everyone has their own glow,
Especially each family tree.
But don't get down,
Discouraged or pained.
Because the problem at hand,
Can be easily tamed.
A human is imperfect,
Never forget that fact.
For beauty isn't a need,
And that's a pact.
Just be happy,
Positive and thoughtful.
And soon you'll see,
Things will seem less doubtful.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 3 5
Incomplete Mission
She stood in the darkened area, straining to see her surroundings.  Awaking in a strange room and not knowing where she was, isn't her cup of tea.  Figuratively blind, she placed her hands at her sides and tried to feel her way around as she took small steps.  Suddenly, after a few moments of aimlessly wandering the dark space, a bright light flashed upon the teen, forcing her to shield her eyes.  Soon her eyes adjusted to the light and she glanced up at the explosive brightness.  She didn't see a source where the light came from but noticed that it illuminated her figure only.  Then a hefty, booming voice interrupted her from her trance and she quickly looked around.  No one was physically there though.
“Do you have what it takes, to become a hero?”  He called, his voice startling the teen and all the while echoing into the unknown distance.  She noticed she was wearing a thin white gown that came down mid shin, showing off her
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Independent Souls
You'll never take me down,
Not by you or anyone.
But if I do crash,
You won't see me with someone.
So clip my wings off,
And slash my heart,
I'll struggle to live,
As I scream and shout.
But when my heart aches,
And I sink down a level,
I'll mold my soul,
That's no longer metal.
I'll walk these empty streets,
I can breath alone.
With eyes that shine,
I won't atone.
But as I reach to the sky,
I can't think about you.
Because I'll feel just as blue,
I'll make a break through.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 1 0
We Are All Leaders
When we were young,
We wanted to lead that line.
With no definition of a leader in our heads,
That position seemed pretty fine.
We fought with the kids in front,
Who denied their obsession with being first.
They pushed and we shoved,
The adults thought we were the worst.
But as the years aged us,
Our views all changed.
Being the leader wasn't our plan,
We became estranged.
The youth formed into rebels,
We burned our morals long ago.
But deep inside ourselves,
The leader is still aglow.
So the moral to this story is,
Anyone has a chance,
To stop being a follower and a be a leader,
And everyone will notice at first glance.
Because one day,
You could lead us out of misery,
And build our strength back up.
You will lead us into victory!
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Drone It Out
Sweet seduction,
Rotten rebellion,
We are taught to obey,
Without a word of play.
March to their beat,
Keep up with your feet,
But we want fun,
For what's the point of the sun?
So follow me,
For you will be,
More than a drone,
Because you are not alone.
We will be free,
By the count of three,
You can stand by me,
Dependent we'll be.
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The Long Road
If I was the only one,
Who walked this way,
I would be able,
To keep your taunts at bay.
Your hate can speak,
Louder than your love.
So I had to leave,
And fly like a dove.
Because I am me,
Not him or her.
With my mind and body,
It's me who I prefer.
Now I'm not saying,
That I am better than all,
But for once in my life,
I wanted to stand tall.
And I'll never turn back,
Not in snow, wind, or rain.
There's a light at the end of this tunnel,
And now I can drop these chains.
But don't you fret,
I'll always remember your name.
Short and sweet yet so cruel,
Your words that started the flame.
:iconanonymousvulture:AnonymousVulture 5 8


The colors transist wonderfully into each card which provides a set of emotion for the tree branches. I'd recomend a softer shade of ye...



Hey followers!!  I've been active recently on this site and I'm just here to say that I *ahem* HAVE PASSED 9TH GRADE!!!  It was this big ass shock to me too!  So far I've gotten a 70 on my Math Exam with leaves me with a 73.8 ending average and a 83 on my Bio Exam which leads me to a 75.2!!  Those are some good ass numbers.  And I'm pretty positive, about 99.9% that I've passed all my other subjects!!Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Whew Sigh) [V3] 

But anyways, this summer is going to be a busy one for me.  I'm planning on traveling to Pennsylvania to visit my best friend Liz!!  I'm planning on taking more writing classes to keep my novel, Roses Don't Weep, on the roll along with going to Camp SVC in August.  August is going to be a frantic month for me between writing studio, Camp, and my new job at NeXt starting that month.  Plus I have to go school shopping, which (with my organization) will probably be done by then. :shuffelin:  

But putting my fast paced life aside, I have been working on a manga with my dear friend Liz or :violetthunder: .  It's gonna be freaking amazing and very interesting once we get a scanner and get a hang on drawing in the style of manga!  Still haven't come up with a title but it's about a demon whose been training for his whole life to go topside and convert humans into their own.  But he's tired of the repetitive life he lives in the underworld, or Ververon, and wants a taste of freedom, change, and possibly a truly strong friendship with a human he meets and she might change his view about the topside humans.  But when his superiors find out, they set off the the human world, Pion, to convert some humans while dragging him back to Ververon, unless Kosei, the demon, can change their minds before Pion is massacred and converted.Giggle Amu Hinamori (Wink) [V1]   

Whooooooo, that's a lot to take in from someone not being active for so long.  But drop a comment about our manga or my novel down in the comments section!  Miss yal!

--AnonymousVultureSnappy Vulture   


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United States
Hi guys, April's here to post poetry and short stories/ x-readers on here. I'd consider Deviantart as my poem site because I find it harder to post shorter stories and poems on my other accounts so I thought, 'Why not make a Deviantart account for that purpose?'

I'm in high school and I LOVE trying foods from different countries just as much as I love writing! I am in the process of writing a novel called "Smiles on Strings", and it's pretty good!! Opps, I forgot to mention that I and in love and obsessed with Anime and Manga!! I tend to talk to myself in 3rd person or just generally think out loud, which I don't think is weird at all. I have a fanfitcion account also called "Anonymous Vulture" and there are some anime stories on there too!!

Well I hope all you wandering souls enjoy my profile, my work, and my weird sense of humor!! If you want some sort of poem written, I can make that happen if you request it!!

-April the AnonymousVulture ;) :D


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